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Miraplacid Forum >> Virtual Printer Drivers >> to wrapping invoiceModerator:Cerberus

Author Topic:  to wrapping invoice

From: turkey
posted 2004-05-04 05:07:45 Reply -Delete

first sorry about my english.In my company(Huzur Kargo A.S), we are using more than 300 panasonic printer.We have got a otomation program and we are printing continual invoice form.When we want to print our invoice , printer is writing one invoice and then to wrap up second invoice and at last stopping at the head of third invoice.we want to print first invoice and stop at the head of second invoice.in windows 98 there is not any wrapping at all.but in xp the printer is wrapping.would you please help me? what am I doing?

with my best regards

huseyin basbay

machine specifications:

operation system - windows xp prof.
connection point - LPT1

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